Who to call?

By Phone

Dial 999 or 112 and ask for POLICE, MOUNTAIN RESCUE

By Text

You can text an emergency message to 999 or 112.  Ideally you should register your phone prior to using this service.  See details at www.emergencysms.org.uk

Distress Beacons

There are various types ‘distress beacon’ devices on the market and they generally fall into two categories:

Device that transmits a radio signal i.e. EPIRPS
Device that sends your GPS position to a remote control centre i.e. SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

If you have an interest in these devices then please do your research well, know any limitations and do not allow ownership to stretch your personal capabilities.

What information do I give?


Scottish Mountain Rescue, formerly known as The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland, is a registered Scottish Charity – number SC045003