Opiates SOP 2016

SOP Opiates 2016

SOP Opiate – notes from the Medical Officer

Licensing arrangements for opiates and other drugs on Schedules 2, 3 and 4 are changing with new home office arrangements. This is an opportunity for me to get our house in order and ensure a safe and secure supply of opiates with more variety than previously. This will ensure that the casualty will get adequate pain relief when needed on the hill.

To this end an inspection has been arranged to review our arrangements for holding and securing drugs via the Home Office licensing system and it is likely a 3 year rolling licence called a Group Directive will come in force later this year to enable all teams affiliated to SMR to continue to hold these drugs.

I need teams with opiates to appoint an individual ‘responsible servant’ who will monitor drug usage, storage and destruction and get the name and email to me so that I can do an interim audit.

I also require each team to notify me in a formal document of their current arrangements for storage and monitoring, destruction and usage documentation.

To ensure that we can continue to use the privilege of giving opiate I would be grateful for early attention to this.

Where the teams differ from the standard operational procedures attached I need to know.

All drugs held under the SMR banner are the responsibility of the medical officer. Any individual supply outwith this will not be covered by the licence unless known to me and declared as part of our stock. Any such supply would be illegal if not covered by separate licence for your individual premises.

Thanks in anticipation


Appoint a responsible servant

The responsible servant shall

  1. At all times ensure the safe custody of the CD’s
  2. Keep records of usage and by the 15th of January each year provide a copy of the CD register to the medical officer SMR
  3. Report thefts and losses to the police and, via the Medical Officer, theHome Office, as soon as possible
  4. Provide information and allow inspection of CD’s on request from appropriate persons


A privacy notice specific to the team opiates servants has been prepared and is available toward the bottom of http://www.scottishmountainrescue.org/privacy/

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