Avalanche Bag & Recommended Content

The following avalanche bag was commissioned via a design brief with Lyon Equipment.  The design brief originated from the current (Dec 2013) Avalanche Working Group who recognised the need for some bespoke equipment to help with the organisation of multi team events, so often the reality of major avalanche incidents.

We have designed a basic bag, large enough to allow additional bespoke team gear, but which also allowed for the organisation of some important common equipment central to the control of avalanche events.  The hope is that teams buy into the concept of some common equipment, identified by a common bag, as a positive addition to managing these incidents.

To help in this purpose we ask that teams request a common colour in the bag, flags and control bibs.

Lyon Equipment Avalanche Bag


  1. LSB80 Avalanche Bag, Hi Vis Green, £107.34
  2. LSBMOD LP Large Pocket, Hi Vis Green, £15.51
  3. LSBMOD MP Medium Pocket, Hi Vis Green, £14.26

All prices ex VAT (as at Dec 2013)

Avalanche Bag Spec: Padded shoulder straps, 3 side compression straps, front clear ID pocket (A4 size), ‘AVALANCHE’ marked on front, internal Velcro to secure pockets, side drainage eyelets, side handles

Recommended Content

76cm Pin Flags


RED x 100
To mark search areas and rescuer activity

BLUE x 50
To mark any surface finds and significant casualty detail

To mark the boundaries of avalanche area

Approx cost £20 for 100 flags


76cm Quivers


Recommend at least 3 quivers per bag, loaded with a select of colours above.

Approx cost £50 for 3 bags




(red bib, with ‘CONTROL’ in large white letters)
4-6 per bag

(white bib, with ‘MEDIC’ in large red letters)
3 per bag

(white bib, with ‘DOCTOR’ in large green letters)
3 per bag

Note: The print on the back will be approx 230mm wide and the front print will be approx 95mm wide

Approx cost £10/bib


Additional Content

  • Water proof A4 clip board with waterproof paper for rescue coordination
  • 6 x spare shovels
  • 6 x spare rescue avalanche probes


Scottish Mountain Rescue, formerly known as The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland, is a registered Scottish Charity – number SC045003