Grant Funding

Scottish Government funding

The Scottish Government currently supports Scottish Mountain Rescue with an annual grant of £312,000 which is distributed via the MRCofS, who do not keep any part of that sum. The sum is divided between the member teams in line with a detailed funding formula which is summarised below.

Team Funding Formula


£2,000 + (n x 250) + (v x 1,000) + (r x 500) + (mh x 5) where

n = number of members (radios issued by MRCof S)
v = number of vehicles (road registered) operated
r = number of rescues undertaken (based on a 5 year rolling average)
mh = man hours expended on rescues (based on a 5 year rolling average)
2,000 is a base figure to cover property/general costs

MRCofS Scot Gov Grant Distribution Figures FY 2010-11

Scottish Mountain Rescue, formerly known as The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland, is a registered Scottish Charity – number SC045003