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for your birthday

Did you know that facebook makes it super easy to raise funds for Scottish Mountain Rescue?

You can can create a fundraiser to celebrate your birthday or any important life event. Birthday Fundraisers are a great way to celebrate with your friends whilst at the same time making a difference for Scottish Mountain Rescue.

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Top tips for setting up your birthday fundraiser


  1. Set a fundraising goal and end date for your fundraiser. We usually suggest that 1-2 weeks is a good time frame.
  2. Get creative and come up with an inspiring and fun name for your fundraiser
  3. Tell people why you are raising funds for Scottish Mountain Rescue, it’s always nice if you can be personal, tell people what Scottish Mountain Rescue means to you.
  4. Choose a photo that stands out or use our images above
  5. Share your fundraiser with your friends!


If you don’t have Facebook then you can still join in and hold a birthday or celebration fundraiser. If you don’t have Facebook then we recommend Just Giving as an alternative.