In an emergency call 999 and ask for Police then Mountain Rescue

How we raise funds for our work

Scottish Mountain Rescue (SMR) is a charity which represents 25 Mountain Rescue Teams (MRTs). Every member Mountain Rescue Team is an independent charity.

We help teams acquire the knowledge, skills and resources to ensure they provide a world class rescue service in Scotland’s Mountains and to the rural communities within those areas and to ensure that this vital service will be there for everyone that needs it in the years to come.

The teams are all volunteers, but significant levels of funding are still needed to help run Scottish Mountain Rescue and our member teams. We need funding for training, equipment, insurance and other running costs to be able to provide the life-saving service.

3 in 5 rescues are funded by donations from the public including gifts in wills

1 in 5 rescues are funded by the volunteer team members themselves, who as well as giving their time, often provide their own equipment and pay their own petrol to attend training and rescues.

1 in 5 rescues are funded by the Scottish Government, thanks to their support.

St John Scotland have also provided significant funding towards major items of expenditure such as team bases and vehicles.

Our supporters and donors provide the majority of the funds we spend. We are grateful to every one of you for your support.