In an emergency call 999 and ask for Police then Mountain Rescue

Working together

with your business

There are many ways for your business to support Scottish Mountain Rescue and help our Member Teams to be there for people any hour, any day and any weather, volunteering to save lives.

Scottish Mountain Rescue Teams rescue on average two people every day, 365 days a year from critically injured mountaineers to missing walkers and vulnerable missing people, the impact of your support is clear!

Volunteers gave up 29,091 hours last year on call outs alone. Mountain Rescue volunteers give their time, but there are lots of ways that your business can help provide the vital backing for the volunteers to be out there in all weathers and conditions, whenever they are called, providing a world class rescue service.

Scottish Mountain Rescue and the Mountain Rescue Teams that we represent are highly respected in the outdoors community. Our teams and the 850 volunteers who make up those teams are embedded in their local communities across Scotland and have a highly visible presence. We are committed to working together with local and national businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

There are many ways your business can support Scottish Mountain Rescue including:

  • Being a supportive employer that welcomes mountain rescue volunteers
  • Staff fundraising for Scottish Mountain Rescue
  • Offering beneficial rates (discounts, trade prices or gifts in kind) to mountain rescue teams for items of equipment that they need
  • Undertaking cause related marketing for Scottish Mountain Rescue
  • Sponsorship
  • Payroll giving
  • Charity partnerships

Request our information pack, contact Elsie Riley, Head of Development via e-mail at or call 07846 653000 for more information and to find out more about the different options for supporting Scottish Mountain Rescue.