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Distinguished Service Award for Seymour Haugh

Distinguished Service Award for Seymour Haugh

27th April, 2022

To mark his significant contribution to Border Search & Rescue Unit for 32 years, Seymour Haugh was presented with a Distinguished Service Award at the recent Scottish Mountain Rescue General Meeting.  These awards are voted on by all teams across Scotland and their purpose is to recognise team members who have made a highly significant contribution to mountain rescue in Scotland at team or national level over many years.

During his 32 years of service Seymour has held several officer positions including Secretary, Training Officer, Deputy Team Leader and Team Leader.

As Team Leader from 2008–2014 his search management skills, together with his understanding of team members’ strengths, ensured rapid and effective deployment of the team on callouts. This has been an example for all who have followed him. In this role he provided a valuable level head in many important callouts, particularly the high profile search for a missing toddler in 2014, but also in the many less-publicised searches and rescues on the more familiar ground of the Cheviot Hills.

Throughout his time with the team he has been held with the upmost respect for his knowledge and wisdom. He is always happy to share this with team members, especially new and younger team members and will often step up to assist with team training.

His dedication continues with a high level of attendance at training and callouts. Seymour is still one of our stick leaders and can be relied on to take control of a callout, in the absence of the Team Leader or Deputy Team Leader.

Despite his many years of service he is still always one of the last to leave the garage after team training or callouts making sure the equipment has been cleaned and checked.

Seymour, on behalf of everyone at Scottish Mountain Rescue, thank you for your exemplary service.

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