In an emergency call 999 and ask for Police then Mountain Rescue

International Volunteer Day – Mountain Rescue Ireland

International Volunteer Day – Mountain Rescue Ireland

05th December, 2019

How long has Mountain Rescue Ireland (MRI) existed?

For over 50 years Mountain rescue Ireland have been on standby 24/7. It all began in 1965 with 6 attendants at the first mountain rescue association meeting in Bryansford Co Down. Following on from many successful years operating as an association, the time came to move MRI to the next level and in 2018 MRI became a charity company limited by guarantee (C.L.G).

How many teams are part of MRI?

There are 11 teams across the island of Ireland.

How many team members do you have?

There are over 500 hundred volunteers across all the teams.

Who is the oldest team?

The Mourne team – started in 1965

What was your stats for 2018?

Statistics for 2018 were – 371 total incidents. 281 during the day and 83 during the night-time. This involved 13,634 person hours.

To view Mountain Rescue Ireland 2019 annual review then please click here.


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