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International Women’s Day – Alison Smith

International Women’s Day – Alison Smith

08th March, 2020

Name: Alison Smith
Job: Police Scotland, Police Staff (part time)
Team: Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team

I made the decision to join Dundonnell MRT as I have always loved the outdoor life and in particular being out and about in the hills.  The opportunity to learn and train alongside others whilst helping folk in the wilds of the Highlands was a natural jump from my public sector background.

Our team is a great group of people who’s diverse talents and backgrounds come together to get the job done! We spend a lot of time training, which is paramount to the success of the team but also made enjoyable as I’m working with like-minded other people. I especially like our weekend’s away learning or expanding skills.

I have such a sense of pride in our team when someone is returned to their family after being in a difficult/dangerous situation and we have helped in some way.  Of course there are sad times too which the team come together to reflect on, so it’s never lonely.

From the minutes the SARCALL goes out and we muster at the Base we are all focused on the rescue/search. The skills I’ve learned in training are used each time and it gives me confidence to be part of the team.  I have an understanding husband who is fully supportive of the time I spend with the Team.

This last year I have been attending SARDA monthly training weekends with my trainee dog Meg.  It has been a whirlwind of a year combining very hard work with total commitment but tremendous fun.  Wish us luck for the annual assessment at the end of March!

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