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Meet our Supporters – Bridgedale Socks

Meet our Supporters – Bridgedale Socks

15th February, 2023

Bridgedale have supported Mountain Rescue Teams  for several years – they provide three pairs of socks every year free of charge to all members. We chatted them to find out more about the history of their support.

Why did Bridgedale decide to support teams?

As a technical sock manufacturer, we wanted to do our small part in supporting MRT – as your members are out in the most challenging terrains and weather conditions, if we can make sure your feet are warm, dry and comfortable, it is hopefully one less thing for you to worry about, so you can concentrate on helping the people who need it.

Can you tell me more about the people behind the Bridgedale partnership with teams?

As we manufacture Bridgedale socks in our own factory in Northern Ireland, we can take socks directly from the source.  Ronnie is our Factory Manager, and he manages a great team of people who are all motivated to make sure the socks we produce are the very best quality they can be, so they will perform in all conditions.

Tell me a bit more about Bridgedale and Magic Mountain?

The Bridgedale factory has been making socks for over 100 years, we use only high quality yarns and we design our socks using the best blend of natural and synthetic yarns to ensure your feet stay dry, warm and comfortable.

Every single sock that we knit, is checked by hand by one of our team, so you can be sure that every sock is perfect, and that is why we are able to offer our lifetime guarantee.

What has been your favourite moment working with and supporting teams?

Whenever we get an e-mail or a note from an MRT member to say how much they love our socks!  It’s always great to get feedback and to know that we have helped in some small way.

Where can people buy Bridgedale socks if they want to get their own?

You will find a selection of Bridgedale socks in most Outdoor stores, and we also have our own website, where you can see the complete range of socks we make.

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