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Meet Our Supporters – Emily Copas, Edinburgh Marathon

Meet Our Supporters – Emily Copas, Edinburgh Marathon

03rd April, 2023

 Can you tell me more about yourself?

I’ve recently moved back home to Edinburgh having lived away from here for the past 10 years. I am in a career transition, having worked for a fitness brand for several years, but currently I am studying Environmental Science, and getting work experience in the field- I spend my days roaming through squirrel laden forests, across the boggiest of peatlands and next to sparkling lochs, it really is the dream job! I love moving my body in whatever way I can – that’s the best way to put it. I am a yoga teacher, and enjoy sharing my love of the practice with others. I am a keen hiker, although I still have much to explore! I walked the West Highland Way a couple of years ago, and have my eyes set on some more long distance trails later this year.

Why did you decide to take part in the Edinburgh Marathon?

I did my first 10km race in 2017. I remember, at the time, it being one of the hardest physical challenges I’d done. As active as I was, I was never ‘a runner’. My grandfather had died of pancreatic cancer that year, and I raised money for that cause- that was my motivation and what got me over the finish line. But once you catch that running bug, it’s not one to easily shake. I loved the feeling of freedom, and personal strength, that I got from my runs. So I kept going. I set a goal for myself that I’d do a marathon before I was 30, and I guess the time finally came after putting it off for so many years! After a few too many glasses of wine, my best friend and I signed up for EMF!

What made you decide to take part for Scottish Mountain Rescue?

I have found that using these races as a way to spread awareness and positively give back to important organisations is an incredibly motivating act. And when you are running it, alongside thousands of other people who are also doing it for charity, or in memory of someone – it is, for me, one of the most moving experiences I’ve encountered. I wanted to be held accountable in some ways, and I wanted to give money to a charity that does incredible work and aligns with me. Myself, my family and many of my friends love walking in Scotland, and I feel so lucky to say that we have never had to rely on SMR for any incidents – but I cherish the work that you do and the have the utmost respect for the volunteers that selflessly risk their own lives for others in the outdoors!

What kind of training are you doing for the marathon and how is that going?

I am (trying) to run 4 times a week at the moment using a free training guide I found online. It consists of 1 speed session, 1 hill session, an easy run and a long run. I’ve been supplementing this with my yoga practice. I knew this was going to be a challenge, but it’s no joke trying to fit this into your already busy scheduled life! I have loved listening to running podcasts whilst I run too – which not only keeps me nicely distracted on those long runs – they are super insightful and have taught me a lot about nutrition, fueling and other great topics- I particularly like ‘The Running Explained’. I am trying to keep relaxed with my training, at the end of the day, it’s my first marathon and as long as i get over the finish line in one piece, I’ll be happy and proud of my efforts.

How do you plan to reach your fundraising target? How is your fundraising going?

So far I have relied on family and friends who have all been super generous and supportive! I have achieved over 75% of my target to date – so to be honest, I’m hoping I can actually surpass it and give more than I initially pledged- that would be awesome! I have been updating my fundraising page weekly and sharing my efforts on social media to get people engaged. I am super confident I will achieve (and hopefully succeed!) my goal.

What do you think will be the hardest and most rewarding thing about taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon?

The distance! Walking 26 miles is hard enough, but running it….. that will certainly be the hardest part for me. I reckon I’ll make it to 20 miles and start having to kick myself into gear to get through the final few miles, but hopefully that will be when the adrenaline kicks in! I know it will be so rewarding to run alongside all these inspiring people, who are also raising money for causes close to their hearts. That really does motivate me. And when I reach the finish line, no doubt there’ll be tears and my partner standing there ready to give me a piggy back home. I will feel really proud of my accomplishment.

What top tips would you give other people who might want to fundraise for Scottish Mountain Rescue?

I think sharing your reason why is always important, not just why you chose a charity but why you are even doing the run in the first place. Spreading awareness to the charity in ways that will resonate with others. Your passion and enthusiasm goes a long way, and sharing that through all the channels that are available to you as often as you can so it’s on people’s radar. Also, you just have to keep pestering people – ideally around pay day!

How do people sponsor you?

You can check out my Just Giving page here: . I really think I can surpass my target, and have 8 weeks to go. If you feel inclined to support, then I would be so grateful for your generosity.

If you would like to sign up for the Edinburgh Marathon, or Half Marathon, or 10k or Relay…

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