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Meet our Supporters – Jo Dytch, Munro Beanies

Meet our Supporters – Jo Dytch, Munro Beanies

18th October, 2021

What gave you the idea for producing munro beanies?

A few years ago, I was catching up with a good friends Father, and he asked about my own hillwalking interests. I told him I was really enjoying it, and starting to climb Munros. He casually said “are you going to start stitching a red cross in your bonnet now then” and I was intrigued. I hadn’t heard of the tradition, and he explained the story to me. I immediately thought that’s a great idea for a hat business! I went home and drew a  spider diagram about what I thought I might need to turn the idea into reality, promptly tucked that into a drawer and did nothing about it for 3 years. COVID came along, and I think like many of us, I had a bit more time to ponder and decided to see if I could turn the idea into a reality and went about finding a mill in the Borders who could help me create the beanies. So, I really have him to thank for planting the seed of the idea, and it’s been brilliant fun since last November when we launched.

Tell me a bit more about yourself and your back ground?

I grew up in Dunkeld in Perthshire, studied at St Andrews University, and after fulfilling a dream of doing a ski season I pursued a career working in sports events, and spent 9 years living in London. For the last 7 years I have worked in events fundraising for Cancer Research UK. I’m really inspired and motivated when I see people completing a personal challenge by taking part in an event I’ve been a part of creating, and enjoying the outdoors! Personally, I love adventuring outside and in 2017 decided it was time to move home to Scotland to be closer to family and everything our amazing country has to offer.  I live in Edinburgh with my boyfriend and our dog (who sometimes features in MB pictures). I’ve always enjoyed travelling, and over the last few years it’s been brilliant to explore Scotland a bit more, and getting out into our hills and mountains really enables me to do that.

What made you decide to support Scottish Mountain Rescue?

I have witnessed first-hand the brilliant work of Scottish Mountain Rescue and I have a huge respect and admiration for the 24hour service and care the organisation provides. We are fortunate to have such a highly skilled group of volunteers helping us to enjoy and explore the wilderness of Scotland, and I’m delighted to support your work with The Munro Beanie.

Tell me a bit more about the munro beanies?

Based on an old Scottish tradition, I have created each beanie with a unique design of 282 crosses to signify our Munros, around the beanie, which hillwalkers stitch over with red wool as they reach each summit! The beanies are made by a small and superb family run mill in the Scottish Borders. Each beanie is unisex, made from super soft 100% Lambswool and hand finished. We have a range of colours and earlier this year also added headbands into the collection for the warmer days.

How much are you hoping to raise for Scottish Mountain Rescue?

As much as possible! I’m hoping the Munro Beanie continues to be popular, and as long as that happens, I will continue to support SMR. SMR allows so many of us to explore the hills and mountains and so I’m really proud to support your work and donate £1 per beanie. We are creeping closer to £1000 and I hope we can reach that figure before our first birthday as that would be a great reason to celebrate.

How do people get a munro beanie?

It’s really easy, head to our website and also follow up for updates on Instagram @themunrobeanie. Also, if anyone has any questions please feel free to drop us an email

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