In an emergency call 999 and ask for Police then Mountain Rescue

*Meet our supporters* – Mike Hanley, the Wee Munro Journal

*Meet our supporters* – Mike Hanley, the Wee Munro Journal

18th December, 2020

“During the initial lockdown getting out was hard. That itch walkers get for the hills, was creeping up quite profusely. So, we decided to try and scratch it, by creating a wee Munro book. The book itself contains all 282 munros – in both checklist form, as well as each munro getting its own page to record your experience on that particular hike. It contains some guidance to the outdoor access code, resources, and other information as well. ”

“The reason we chose the Scottish Mountain Rescue I think is quite simple. People don’t think about Mountain Rescue until they are in trouble, until their most dire moments. Similar to other emergency services Scottish Mountain Rescue are too often taken for granted, both in the work they do, and the individual teams and their members. With more and more people getting to the hills,  Scottish Mountain Rescue teams will have more demand. The future of the Scottish hills relies on Scottish Mountain Rescue, their member teams and the work they do. Buying this book means 25% of the profits go directly towards their efforts. Currently our book is available on Amazon and soon to be in select independent stores (we hope). ”

Michael Hanley

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