*Meet our Supporters* Tina’s Tiny Horse Trotathon

*Meet our Supporters* Tina’s Tiny Horse Trotathon

15th July, 2020


Challenge runner Tina Page is chaperoning a new kind of fundraiser this week! With a tenacious team of three tinyhorses competing in their own Tri-Nation Trotathon she will take to the trails in support of the four- footed runners to complete three trail marathons in support of Mountain Rescue! 🐴🐴🐴

The tinyhorses – Angus, PageBoy and Titan will each represent a country and Mountain Rescue organisation and you can follow their progress on a leader board 🥇🥈🥉 and root for your favourite as they trot up the miles, and compete ‘just for fun’ on distance, time, and amount raised.

Tinyhorse Titan ( codename : The Tank or The Aberdeen Beefcake) is the gentle giant of the tinyhorse team (it’s all relative!🤔) He will be supporting Scottish Mountain Rescue and representing his birthplace and homeland of Scotland. Titan is the gentleman of the three tinyhorses and likes to follow a leader, never trying to push his own agenda or take off in a random direction. Having a little more life experience he demonstrates a more mature attitude than the other two and is most content just gently jogging along at the back of the pack. But, despite packing the most muscle and having a slower pace, he’s something of a ringer as his sure and steady approach and endurance shines through over longer distances!😎

Follow the Tinyhorse Trotathon on Tina’s Facebook Page at @runningthesummits , Twitter and Insta at @trailhobo_tina




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