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Mountain Rescue Team Control Vehicles

Mountain Rescue Team Control Vehicles

29th September, 2022

Mountain Rescue Teams require a variety of vehicles.  Each team will normally have a control vehicle which is used as a mobile control room during rescues as well as being vital for transporting team members and rescue equipment.

We provide an inside look into Moffat Mountain Rescue Team’s control vehicle which they recently replaced.

Moffat MRT had an ageing control vehicle purchased from Dumfries and Galloway Police as a mobile police office and converted for the teams needs. As it was moving towards end of life and with the changing nature of digital technology to support search and rescue incidents the team decided to start a vehicle replacement project. 

The vehicle a Mercedes 4×4 sprinter was purchased just before Covid struck and left an ongoing issue with delivery of the vehicle and who would convert it! 

After evaluation of several suppliers the team settled on a company called Van Convert based in South West Scotland. The team specified the requirements but decided to take all the communications and digital technology and build this into a dedicated rack built by Bridge Systems which would then be fitted into the build. 

The team took delivery of the vehicle in 2020 and it went straight into service to support the rescue of a mountain biker in Mabie Forest on its first day. 

Since then it has supported several rescues and searches including one outside the teams normal operating area. 

Features of interest that the vehicle has:

4×4 capability so that the team can access off road terrain

Built in Windows PC running the MRMap digital mapping system to assist with planning searches and deploying volunteers

Ability to act as a repeater integrating with the South of Scotland Radio Network, enhancing the network making it easier to communicate with other Mountain Rescue Teams across Southern Scotland. 

Ability to track GPS Radios so that we can track the deployment of Mountain Rescue Team Volunteers 

Capability to transport volunteers or a casualty including being able to transport a casualty in a stretcher if needed. 

Briefing area including two screens which can be run from a laptop or built in PC 

Hot water for drinks and handwashing 

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