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National Walking Month Kids Activities

National Walking Month Kids Activities

08th May, 2021

We have created a couple of activities designed to keep your little ones occupied during National Walking month. 

Firstly, we have a scavenger hunt to print out and take on a walk with your children.  The idea is to tick off the items as they are seen, so you’ll need to take a pencil out with you too! 

Additionally, for when the weather isn’t as nice, we have a hunt around the Scottish Mountain Rescue website.  If you’re struggling for the answers, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out! 

Sorry we don’t have any prizes to offer for either activity, other than we’ve provided a way of keeping your wee ones busy for a short spell of time! 

We hope you enjoy. 

SMR Scavenger Hunt

SMR Kids Website Hunt

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