In an emergency call 999 and ask for Police then Mountain Rescue

Sheila King’s Story

Sheila King’s Story

12th September, 2019

In February, the weather finally cheered up a bit so my partner John and I decided to go for a walk to Neid Path Castle in Peebles. After around 30mins of walking, I slid like an Olympic skater on the muddy path! Unbeknown at the time, I had just shattered my ankle. Being so far away from a main road and our car, John sought advice from 999 emergency services. Paramedics arrived after a short while accompanied by no less than 7 mountain rescue guys, who appeared from all directions in the forest! They strapped me into an appropriate stretcher for the length of the path before carrying me for the final uphill trek to the car park, where they transferred me into the waiting ambulance.

I spent 3 nights in the Borders General Hospital as my ankle required pins and plates.

During the course of my rescue, I was suffering from mild anxiety given the shortcomings of my situation, moreover my location. The mountain rescue team provided comfort, support and most importantly adamant reassurance that all was going to be ok. Which it was. I cannot thank Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team enough for their assistance that day. Everything was carried out calmly, casually and professionally throughout.

Keep up the excellent work, you are undoubtedly the silent heroes ready to save the day

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