Stay Local, Stay Safe

Stay Local, Stay Safe

22nd March, 2020

Stay Local, Stay Safe

We are continuing to see rescues this weekend and significant activity on the hills in some areas.

We do not have PPE within teams for COVID19, quite rightly the NHS staff and others must be prioritised.

This is putting many team members in a genuine dilemma.

They are all volunteers. Should they do what they always do and respond putting loved ones at home at greater risk? Many team members will have people they live with who are classified as vulnerable, is it fair to take that risk? Many members of teams are self employed and already facing hardship.

Our NHS services in the mountain regions are already stretched, don’t add to their load.

The mountains will be there next year and the year after, lets make sure we all are.

Please see a statement from the the finance minister and MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch, Kate Forbes.

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