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Why SMR? | Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2022

Why SMR? | Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2022

06th October, 2022

Following on from the success of our Dundee Kiltwalkers, we had a large group of members from the Scottish Women’s Walking Group taking part in the Edinburgh Kiltwalk on Sunday, 18 September.  One of these, Heather, has shared her story on why she chose to fundraise for Scottish Mountain Rescue.

“At the end of September 2020, I took myself up my first “easy” Munro, Ben Vorlich at Loch Earn. After much huffing and puffing I descended back the way I had come, or so I thought.  After heading on to the much harder Stuc a’Chroin I panicked, turned back, tried to take a short cut and found myself, sitting on a muddy, windy hillside crying and in tears with not a clue what to do.  Luckily, I found my way safely down, but I was then determined to prepare myself better next time . . . cue some navigation courses, a full kit, subscription to OS maps and joining several walking groups.

“One of these groups was the Scottish Women’s Walking group. I found the group during lockdown when you could only walk with one other person and was amazingly lucky to find my kindred spirit and as many on the group say “sister” both in looks and personality in Maria.  Maria lives nearby and I soon converted her from flat walker to hill walker and she converted me from 5 miles to 15. We booked our first holiday away just months after we met to visit Glen Coe for another navigation course and spot of Munro bagging.

“Maria is one of many great women I have met in the group, together we have climbed many hills and had amazing adventures.   We have been fortunate to suffer nothing more than a pulled calf muscle or injured pride from a clumsy fall on our journeys so far but we know only too well that one day no matter how prepared we are we may have to call on a mountain rescue team.

“As members of various walking groups, we have seen the trouble people can get into and the work that goes into rescuing them and that is why we decided to do The Mighty Stroll at this year’s Edinburgh Kiltwalk with many other Scottish Women’s Walking Group members to raise funds for this amazing charity. Our family, friends and colleagues have been so supportive, and we are proud to be donating money to this great group of volunteers.”

“On behalf of all of our volunteer team members, we would like to thank all of those who took part in the Kiltwalks this year to raise funds for our charity – not just the event itself but all those hours spent training for the day.  As currently 3 out of every 5 rescues are funded by donations from the public, we are extremely grateful that people choose to fundraise for our teams”  Damon Powell, Chair Scottish Mountain Rescue.

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